Golf Saimaa

Golf Saimaa

The 18-hole course was completed in time for the 2013 season.

Saimaa’s Golf Academy provides instruction for all players aged 10 and over.

Golf Saimaa offers challenges and the joy of success for players at all levels.

The Golf Saimaa course has a new club house and a large parking area.

You can perfect your swing on the Golf Saimaa pitch and putt course.

The Golf Saimaa club house contains a Pro Shop and a restaurant.

The Golf Saimaa course is located in Rauha, Lappeenranta, just a kilometre from the spa hotel.

Golf Saimaa is located in Rauha, Lappeenranta, and its rolling heath and dramatic landscape with kettle holes left by the Ice Age provide an impressive setting for the game.

Golf Saimaa 18 Hole Golf Course and practice centre

The new 18 hole golf course of Holiday Club Saimaa is designed to bring challenges and joy of succeeding to players of all levels. The landscape is ideal for a golf course and the surrounding nature astonishing. In addition to a full length golf course, you can find a practice center in Saimaa, where everyone interested in golf is welcome, so in other words you do not need a green card or golf membership to practice court.


Kohonkankaantie 11
55320 Rauha

  • Reservations from the caddie master and golf club tel. +358 300 870951

Holiday Club Golf Ry

Jukka Roilas
tel. +358 40 1848161

Tee times

  • Holiday Club Golf members can reserve tee times 30 days in advance online here >>
  • Guest players can reserve tee times on or 14 days in advance from the golf club tel +358 300 870951 or hotel sales office
  • Guest staying at the hotel or holiday houses can reserve tee times for the whole season from the hotel sales office
  • Golf Course is closed. Thank you for this season! 
  • Check out the benefits for Holiday Club Golf members here>>
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Golf Holiday in Saimaa

Book accommodation in Saimaa and get green fee in reduced price.

  • green fee 38 € per person
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The new 18-hole golf course offers challenges

Kohonkangas heath spreading out next to Holiday Club Saimaa seems to have been created for a golf course. The rolling heather-clad heath combined with a dramatic landscape filled with kettle holes during the Ice Age, provides an impressive stage for the game.

A chance to take risks on the front nine

You can start the game with an uncomplicated par-four of a convenient length. Aiming the first shot close to the bunker provides the best approach angle to the green. The course already starts to show its character at the second hole. The players must take stock of their mettle and decide if they want to try to cross the row of bunkers dotting the ridge. A stunning view over the valley opens from the green, where you can play the next five holes. On the third hole, the first par 5, the opening shot is made towards a fairway nearly 20 metres lower down. The challenges of the hole are laid out clearly and the players only need to choose whether to take a risk or play it safe. Those who take the risk and succeed are rewarded with additional metres from the forward-sloping bumps.

The start of the 4th hole has plenty of space to tee off calmly. But if you want to go for the maximum length, there is also an exacting challenge for precision shots. The green is one of the most strongly shaped in the course. The 5th hole is reminiscent of traditional Scottish golf scenery, complete with railway tracks. The hole progresses due east, following the main track of the railway towards Imatra. The end of the hole goes through a canyon-like pass to the easternmost corner of the course at the edge of the city. The 6th hole is the first of the course's beautiful par threes. You tee off from a ridge, where all the bunkers guarding the small green settle deep in the player's mind.

Then 7th hole, over 400 m long, is the longest par-4 hole of the course. The green is raised up on a ridge, and many will play this hole as a par five. The 8th hole brings you up from the valley, back to Kohonkangas heath and towards the club house. The longer the drive, the sooner you see the green. The 9th hole is the narrowest on the course and the most carefully guarded by bunkers. It will provide plenty of material for storytelling when you pause to rest at the café at the halfway point.

Bunkers create additional challenges on the back nine

After the gentle treatment of the front nine, the player is met with challenges on the back nine, on the side of the course closer to Lake Saimaa. The 10th hole is played surrounded by majestic pines and aspens. Two strategically-placed bunkers also guide the game. The second par-three of the course is played in one of its most beautifully formed areas. The Ice Age has worked to create a short golf hole for players to enjoy. The climb to the tee of the 12thhole quickens the pulse, and the views from the tee and the challenges of the game give you an unforgettable experience. The approach to the green set between a kettle hole and the outer borders of the course requires precise strokes.

The bunkers of the 13th hole are placed to baffle the player. It is easy to mistake the distance of the obstacles from the tee and their placement relative to the green. You must think carefully, be determined, and choose the right club and the right direction. The next hole moves closer to the shores of Lake Saimaa. The views over the lake, the rolling hillocks and the nearby mounds created by ancient slash-and-burn farmers give the hole a special character. The 15thhole is one of the course's strong par-fives. The hole meanders around the edge of the valley, providing the player with interesting possibilities for shortcuts, but also with risks to consider. There is an open view over the surrounding scenery from the green at the edge of the ridge.

The legendary ‘Redan’-type 16th hole is the longest par-3 hole on the course. The only bunker on the hole will not allow players to pass unscathed. The 17th hole is a strong par-5. The strong shaping of the hole and the surrounding pines give the game their own character. Even the better players rarely bag an eagle on this hole. The last hole escorting the players to the club house is a gentle and beautiful par-four. A calm, careful approach can ensure that you finish the round with a good score.

Golf Saimaa's training centre

Golf Saimaa's training centre

The Training Centre includes:

  • A 60-hole range
  • A 6-hole par 3 course
  • 4 putting greens
Par 3 course at Saimaa

Par 3 course at Saimaa

The par 3 course of Golf Saimaa is situated next to the range. All six holes are different lengths. Everyone is welcome at the par 3 course – no green card required!

Adults €10
Juniors (under 22 years) €5
Golf members –50%
Timeshare owners –50%

You do not need reservations to play at the course. When the golf club is closed, tickets can be paid at the hotel reception. The ticket entitles you to play as much as you like in one day!

Holiday Club Golf – join now!

The membership in Holiday Club Golf is worthwhile. By paying a membership fee of 78 € (juniors 39 €) you will get valuable member benefits. Even during one golf holiday the profit will cover the cost of the membership fee. Become as a member and head to Saimaa!

As a member you will get these great benefits:

  • Green fee at Holiday Club Saimaa and Katinkulta -15%
  • Right to play for the season, named, private 498 € per season
  • Golf cart rental -15%
  • Green fee for member's guests -15%
  • Par three course -50%
  • Accommodation at any Holiday Club resort -15%
  • Visit to the Holiday Club Saimaa Spa -15%
  • Every paid-up member will receive an activity ticket package including a bowling ticket for one hour (worth 35 €), and a spa and sauna world ticket (worth 22 €)
Golf price list 2019
  Adult Juniors (under 22) HC Golf members Share holders
Green fee, 18 holes        
April-May and October  45 € - 50 % - 15 % - 15 %
June-September  52 € - 50 % - 15 % - 15 %
Green fee, 9 holes        
April-May and October  32 € - 50 % - 15 % - 15 %
June-September  36 € - 50 % - 15 % - 15 %
Par 3 - practice course        
All days 10 € - 50 % - 50 % - 50 %
Football golf        
All days 10 € - 50 % - 50 % - 50 %
Seasonal pass, personal
590 € - 50% 498 € 498 €
 Playing pass for 7 days 200 € - 50 % 200 € 120 €
Equipment rental        
Range balls 2 € for 20 balls      
1 club 3 €      
2 clubs 5 €      
1/2 set 15 €      
Whole set 30 €      
Golf cart 39 € per round   - 15 % - 15 %

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