An Active Holiday in Saimaa

Holiday Club Saimaa offers many activities for different tastes. There are plenty of possibilities year round both inside and out. Recreation reservations from Saimaa Hotel Sales Service tel. +358 300 870 950.

Choose your favourite sport

You can choose activities from cross-country skiing to different kinds of ball games, such as tennis or padel. You can also join our group exercice classes, or train in the gym. Bowl Circus Saimaa and Angry Birds Activity Park offer entertainment for the whole family, and at the Holiday Club Arena you may get to see ice hockey games or figure skating shows. From the area of Holiday Club Saimaa you will also find a great golf course, and in the summer you must try our watersport activities in beautiful lake views of Saimaa.

Spa hotel, indoor sports facilities are open

Service open:

  • Hotel, Villas apartments and Harmony Spa open normally
  • Hotel reception and R-kioski open normally
  • Our restaurants serve: O'Learys, Classic Pizza, Le Biff and Beach House by Robert´s Coffee, opening hours can be found here
  • Breakfast daily 7–10.30
  • Spa open daily 10–20
  • Sauna World, roof top sauna and outdoor pools opening hours can be found from here 
  • Gym in center Capri open daily 6–24
  • Bowling 10–20
  • Angry Birds Activity Park, opening hours can be found here
  • Ice Arena is open 
  • M-market Capri will be closed after 12.6

Follow the updated information from here

Ice skating

Virtual tour

The NHL-sized arena at Holiday Club Saimaa acts as a stage for both league-level ice hockey games and figure-skating performances. 

There are also several activities organised at the ice, from skating schools and ice dancing to ice discos and ice hockey tournaments. Skates and other equipment are rented on the spot. Please check available times from hotel.

Skating prices

  Normal Shareholders
Adults 10 € 8 €
Children 4–14 years (nder 4 free of charge) 5 € 4 €
Skate rental 5 € 4 €
Stick and puck rental 5 € 4 €

Angry Birds Activity Park

Virtual tour

Angry Birds Activity Park, an indoor activity park for the whole family, is now opened right next to Holiday Club Saimaa. The park is located in the 1st and 2nd floor of the new Shopping Center Capri, in Lappeenranta, near the Holiday Club Saimaa spa hotel and holiday resort.

Angry Birds Shop
From the Angry Birds Shop, located in the Angry Birds Activity Park, you’ll find souvenirs and presents. The selection of goods includes Angry Birds characters as soft toys, clothes, pencils, note books and much more!

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours

  • Tue–Fri 12 pm to 5 pm
  • Sat 10 am to 5 pm


Ticket Normal TS owners  
Entrance fee 19 € per person 17 € per person Free admittance for children under the age of 4
Family ticket (4 persons) 59 € 54 €  
Pensioner with paying child Free admittance    
Group ticket 15 € per person   Reservation in advance, at 
least 10 people over 4 years old
Next day ticket 10 € per person    
Combi ticket adult 31 €/adult and 27 €/child   Angry Birds park and Cirque de Saimaa waterpark

What is in the Angry Birds Park?

  • BagJump jumping mattress and tower
  • Scooter area
  • Incredible laser labyrinth
  • Softball cannon shooting game
  • Interactive ball game wall SUTU
  • Game lounge
  • Hockey slap shot area
  • Small children's area
  • Playing structures
  • Ranges for pedal cars and zip wire
  • Angry Birds cinema
  • Birthday room

Good To Know

  • You may not wear outdoor shoes in the activity park. We recommend indoor sports shoes, or you can wear socks. 
  • You may bring your own scooter and helmet. 
  • Please note: Under 10-year-old children can visit to the park only with adult supervisor.
  • Children/teenagers from 10 to 13 years can visit to the park without an adult if they have a permission form from their parents. Forms available in Angry Birds Activity Park reception.
  • Groups with children: One adult supervisor needed per every 10 children

Rent an E-fatbike

Try our electronically assisted e-fatbikes! Rental from Harmony Spa / hotel reception. Four bikes in total.


Duration Normal TS owners
Rental 2 h     36 € 33 €
Additional hours 12 €  10 €
Whole day 68 € 60 €



Have fun with your friends, family or team. The tracks are planned to suit for small kids as well.

We also organise bowling contests, welcome to join! There are 12 tracks and an own bar at the BowlCircus Bowling Centre. BowlCircus is open daily and glow bowling starts already in the morning.

Opening hours 2020 summer

  • Mon-Sun 10-20

Reservations and enquiries on the internet, by phone +358 300 870 953 or by email


Bowling/lane/hour Normal Shareholders
10 am. to 3 pm. Mon–Sun 28€ –20%
3 pm. to 9/11 pm. Mon–Sun 35€ –20%
Shoes  (under 12 year old's shoes free of charge) 2 € per person 2 € per person


In Capri Center, you will find a good selection of gym equipment. The location of the gym has recently changed.

Also the structured group exercise classes are held there. The gym has top-level Technogym equipment. Customers needs special card to access to gym from spa reception. Cards are for sale at hotel reception. Customers can buy the services of Personal Trainer. Personal Trainer does fitness tests and gives gym and nutritional guidance.

Gym prices

  Normal Shareholders
Single visit  5 € 5 €
2-4 days card 8 € 8 €
Weekly card 7 days 15 € 15 €
Monthly card 39 € 39 €
3-months card 99 € 99 €
Yearly card 349 € 349 €

Personal training prices

  Normal Shareholders
Workout with personal trainer 49 € – 20%
Workout for group of 2 to 3 persons 59 € – 20%
Workout for group of 4 to 6 persons 69 € – 20%
Diet advice 89 € – 20%
Fitness testing 59 € – 20%

Body composition analysis, weight, blood pressure, muscle fitness (stomach, back, push-up, squats, flexibility) balance, fitness assessment and instructions for improving fitness.

Table Tennis and Snooker

If you prefer calmer ball games, table tennis and snooker are great options.

  • You will find the table tennis tables in Capri Center, renting and equipments from Angry Birds Activity Park
  • Snooker tables in O'Leary's sports bar
  Normal Shareholders
Table tennis: Per hour, incl. balls and rackets 10 € – 20%
Snooker: Per hour, incl. balls and rackets 7,50 €/table no discount


Located next to the Holiday Club in Lammassaari, Imatra, Tuplakasi specializes in organizing experience services for groups and individual clients.

The services e.g. water jet rentals, boat trips, fun group activities and Hossuka Helmi. Please book the program in advance frim Tuplakasi.

Cross-Country Skiing and Downhill Skiing

Saimaa suits for eager skiers. There are two ski centres and an extensive network of skiing trails in Saimaa.

The extensive network of skiing trails in Saimaa enables holiday makers to do the favourite sport of Finns, cross-country skiing. The trails start right from the hotel and the amazing lake scenery make the skiing trips memorable.

There are also two ski centers, Freeski in Ruokolahti and Myllymäki in Joutseno. Centers are about 20 km away from Holiday Club Saimaa.

Equipment rental: tour skates, nordic skiing equipments, kicksledges, sleds, ice fishing equipments.


You can combine high quality accommodation with golfing in the amazing scenery of Saimaa.

The 18-hole golf course of Holiday Club Saimaa offers challenge and succeeding for everyone who is interested in golf. There is also a practice center, where you don't need green card or golf membership.

Golf winter practice center

The center offers a chance to play your favourite sport also in winter! The golf winter practice facility is located in the Capri center.

Opening hours

  • Mon-Thu 12-18
  • Fri 12-20
  • Sat 11-18
  • Sun 11-17 (and holidays)

Football golf

In football golf you try to get a football into a 70 cm hole with as few kicks as possible, similar to gold. Holiday Club Saimaa has 6 different football golf fairways.

  • Adults 10€/day, children 5€/day
  • Open until October 27


In the area surrounding Holiday Club Saimaa, you'll find excellent hiking and biking routes at Rauha, Tiuruniemi and Ukonniemi.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf course of our partner next to the Paviljonki building is available for the guest of Holiday Club Saimaa.

Club rental at Beach House by  Robert´s Coffee rental office.


  • 5 € / adult
  • 3 € / child 4-14 years of age
  • No timeshare discounts

Horse Riding

The Vipelen Talli stables is located close to Holiday Club Saimaa. Various riding lessons are available daily.

Playroom and playground

A children's playroom adjacent to Easy Kitchen restaurant. 

Outdoor playground on hotel yard.


Holiday Club Saimaa beach has piknik and excercise area, and playground as well as a beach volley field.

Padel & Tennis

The outside tennis court is located close to the hotel in the park area. In Saimaa it is easy for the whole family to learn more about padel.

The outside tennis court is located close to the hotel in the park area. Padel can be played on the beautiful sun deck of Holiday Club Saimaa. In addition to the unique rooftop playing court, the sun deck also features a bar and a log sauna. Tennis reservations and equipments can be rented from Beach House by  Robert´s Coffee beside the court. Padel is a game that is quick and easy to pick up. Reservations and equipments from spa reception.


  Normal Shareholders
Game session 1 hour (incl. racquets and balls) 24 € – 20%
Tennis 1 hour  24 € – 20%
Tennis racket 3 €  
Tennis balls (sold in tubes of 4) 12 €  

What is padel?

Padel can be played on the beautiful sun deck of Holiday Club Saimaa. In addition to the unique rooftop playing court, the sun deck also features a bar and a smoke sauna.

Padel, which is not yet well-known in Finland, borrows elements from both tennis and squash and combines exercise and shared fun. Padel is typically played in doubles but can also be played in singles. In Saimaa it is easy for the whole family to learn more about padel. Racquets and balls can be rented from the kiosk beside the court.

Padel is a game that is quick and easy to pick up. The simple rules can be learned quickly, and the racquet is easy to handle thanks to its short shaft. Physical strength does not play a large role in padel like it does in tennis, but good technique and eye for the game will take you far. That is why players of different skill levels can easily play together.

How to play padel

Padel scoring is the same that is used in tennis, i.e. 15, 30, 40, and game. In case of deuce at 40–40, two clear points need to be won before the game is over. Padel game is won from the best of three sets, which are played to six games. At 6–6, a tiebreak is played, which is the first side to seven points with two clear points between the sides.

Doubles (2+2)

  • Playing area: serves must hit the service box, after which the entire court can be used.
  • Serves (2 opportunities) are underarm. The server’s feet must be behind the service line. The ball is dropped on the floor behind the service line. The ball must be hit at or below waist-level and fly clear of the net directly into the opponent’s service box diagonally opposite.
  • The serve must bounce before it can be returned – it cannot be volleyed.
  • The ball must not hit the net on the first serve, but after that it can.
  • After the serve, the ball can be volleyed and bounced from the glass walls on the player’s own side.
  • If the ball hits the opponent’s wall directly, it is considered out.

Singles (1+1)

  • Played diagonally on half a court.
  • Alternating between first and second box.

Atreenalin adventure park

Near Holiday Club Saimaa, in Rauha, there is an adventure park for the whole family.

Atreenalin offers an unforgettable experience in nature. The park is built environmentally friendly and suitable for all ages, from beginner to advanced. Climb to test your limits!

Contact info

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  • The key service is  located at the reception of Holiday Club Saimaa
  • Left-luggage space at the reception
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