Holiday Club Ruka

Holiday Club Ruka

The Ruka–Kuusamo region is one of the most popular winter holiday destinations in Finland. Ruka’s ski slopes and Kuusamo’s cross-country ski trails make the area a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. In summer, visitors hike around the famous Karhunkierros (‘bear run’) route; they go fishing and simply enjoy the nature around them.


There are two Holiday Club destinations in Ruka: Holiday Club Pulkkajärvi, where our log cabins are situated in a naturally beautiful setting with peace and quiet, and Holiday Club Ruka Loma, which is approximately 3 km from the ski centre. The Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki’s spa and restaurants are just a 15-minute drive away.

Activities and services

The skiing season at Ruka usually begins in October and lasts until after the first of May. Local companies provide programme services that will take you on snowmobile or snowshoe safaris and on trips to reindeer farms. In summer Kuusamo has magnificent hiking terrain and the colourful autumn also offers an excellent holiday setting.

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Pulkkajärventie 15
93999 Kuusamo

Call +358 8 868 5330

Rukan Lomakylä I


Kemijärventie 273 B (key service)
93825 Rukatunturi

Call +358 400 666 332


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  Check-in Check-out
Pulkkajärvi 3 & 4 Fri at 4 pm Fri at 10 am
Pulkkajärvi 5 & 6 Sat at 4 pm Sat at 10 am
Rukan Lomakylä I Sat at 5 pm Sat at 11 am


  • If you arrive at a different time, please notify the Key Service office.

Key Service Pulkkajärvi

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki
Kylpyläntie 5
93600 Kuusamo

  • Reception open 24/7
  • tel.. +358 8 868 5330

Key Service Rukan Lomakylä I

Kemijärventie 273 B
93825 Rukatunturi

  • Open from 5 pm to 9 pm 
  • tel. +358 400 666 332

Arriving at the resort

Ruka’s holiday cabins are located amidst the serenity of nature near the Ruka ski slopes. The most convenient way to reach Ruka is by car. 

Distances to Ruka

  • From Ruka Loma to Ruka fells: 3 km
  • From Ruka Loma to Kuusamo: 18 km
  • From Pulkkajärvi to Ruka fells: 10 km
  • From Pulkkajärvi to Kuusamo: 15 km
  • To Oulu: 240 km
  • To Kajaani: 250 km
  • To Helsinki: 840 km

Address to Ruka centre

Rukankyläntie 6
93825 Kuusamo

Driving instructions to Ruka centre

  • The nearest bus station and airport are in Kuusamo.
  • There is bus transportation from the airport to Ruka.
  • The nearest railway station is in Kemijärvi, about 1.5 hours from Ruka by car.
  • Taxis are also an easy way to get around Ruka.

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Ruka's log cabins provide comfortable living close to nature and services. The atmospheric holiday cabins are well-equipped with modern kitchens and traditional Finnish saunas.

Attention! Lofts are removed from Pulkkajärvi Studios and the bedcount is now for two.


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