Holiday Club Katinkulta is located in Vuokatti between Kajaani and Sotkamo and it is easy to find your way here. The best way to come to Katinkulta is by car; the area has plenty of space for parking (a parking ticket required on the hotel parking area). You can travel to Kajaani also by train or by plane.

Distances to Katinkulta

  • Kajaani 35 km
  • Helsinki 600 km

Katinkullantie 15
88610 Vuokatti

How to get there

By train

A 30 min. bus service connects Holiday Club Katinkulta with the Kajaani railway station. Car- train connection from Oulu.

By plane

From Helsinki to Kajaani, 1 hour.

  • Both Kajaani Railway Station and Kajaani Airport have bus connections to Holiday Club Katinkulta, but unfortunately not from every train nor flight. Ask reception for more information.
  • Check out the bus schedules and connections


  • All parking sites around Katinkulta hotel and Villas -apartments require a parking ticket.
  • Parking fee must be paid at the parking machine or by EasyPark mobile application.
  • Parking fees: 1 h/1 €, 1 night/6 €, 1 week/35 €. Only weekly parking can be paid at the reception.
  • Short-term free parking in front of the hotel entrance with the parking disc. The parking discs available in reception for 2,5€/each.

Contact info

Welcome to Holiday Club Katinkulta!

  • Reception is open 24 hours a day
  • Holiday apartment and Villas key service at reception
  • Baggage storage and waiting area at reception

  Check-in Check-out
Hotel and Villas 
3 pm 12 noon 
Holiday Apartments 16-18* pm 10-12* noon

* See correct time from you booking confirmation email

Katinkullantie 15
88610 Vuokatti

Arriving at the resort

Parking in Katinkulta is chargeable (1,5 € / h, 8 € / day, 40 € / week). There is an electric car charging station in the car park between Villas 2 and the spa building. Virta application: 4 x 22kW, charging with mobile application costs 0,2 €/kWh. Tesla Destination Charger: 2 x 22kW, free for Teslas. Parking is also chargeable during charging. Parking is supervised by Europark.

Customer Service
Call +358 300 870 900
Mon–Fri 9 am to 4:30 pm
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

Katinkulta reception 24 hours
Call +358 300 870 979
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

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