Harmony Spa Wellness Section

Our wellness department offers a relaxing and luxurious experience at the hands of skilled professionals in a comfortably appointed setting. A comprehensive range of treatments are available. Your wellbeing is important to us! Enjoy Your treatment!


Changes in opening hours

We operate in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the authorities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We have opened our activities and restaurants again at our spa hotel. Welcome to Caribia!

Spa open as follows:

  • For hotel guests Mon–Sat 9 am–9 pm and Sun 9 am–6 pm.
  • With the combonation bracelet Mon–Sat 10am to 9pm and Sun 10am to 6pm.
  • For one-time ticket buyers according to the opening hours of the spa reception Mon–Fri 2–9 pm, Sat 10 am–9 pm and Sun 10 am–6 pm.
  • The pool area closes half an hour before the spa closes.


Check restaurant opening times from here.

Harmony Spa operates upon reservation. Book time for a treatment from the hotel reception.

Follow the updated information from here >>  (Updated August 20th, 2021)

Treatments and prices

Guinot special facial treatments

The Guinot treatment methods and unique active compounds reward loyal users with spectacular results. Our special treatments and skin care products rise to challenges presented by time and delight quality-conscious customers year after year. The specially trained Guinot beautician serves as your personal advisor, helping you determine your skin care objectives in a beauty consultation. Please schedule approximately 10 minutes for the consultation after your treatment. All Guinot treatments are also excellent for men!  

Hydradermie Youth 60 min
Beauty Objective: Clean, more moisturized and calm complexion
A diverse facial treatment enhanced by the Hydraderm Cellular Energy device. The products used for the treatment are selected to match your skin type. The treatment includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, deep absorption of a special treatment gel, oxygen therapy, a massage, and a mask and is completed with lotions.

105 €

Hydradermie Lift 60 min
Beauty Objective: A firm and youthful complexion
A firming and lifting facial treatment enhanced by the muscle-stimulating function of the Hydradermie Cellular Energy device. The treatment uses revitalising, regenerating and firming products. The treatment includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, activation of lymph circulation, stimulation of facial muscles and a massage and is completed with lotions. A non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery!

105 €

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe 105 min
Beauty objective: A clean, moisturized, firm and youthful complexion
The perfect facial that combines all of the versatile functions of the Hydraderm Cellular Energy device. Hydraderm Lift Deluxe is the queen of all facials. The treatment includes the Hydradermie Youth and Hydradermie Lift treatments and special ampoules.

147 €

Hydraclean 30 min 
Beauty objective: A clean and fresh complexion
A cleansing treatment that targets the sweat and sebaceous glands, removing excess sebum from the skin. The treatment includes initial cleansing, a ThermoClean heat treatment and a massage and is completed with lotions.

48 €

Eye Lift - Eye Area Treatment 45 min 

Beauty objective: A youthful and firm skin around the eyes
The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other skin on your face and therefore needs a special treatment. Eye Lift - treatment is now even more lifting with the help of the Hydraderm Cellullar Energy -decive. After the treatment the skin feels lifted, firm and youthful. The treatment includes cleansing, special massage, a muscle-stimulating function with the Hydradermie Cellular Energy device and is completed with a special mask.

Eye Lift can be included in all facials and permanent tintings approximately 30 min 39 € 

59 €

Détoxygéne 60 min 
Beauty objective:Radiant and luminous complexion. The skin breathes
The newest Guinot innovation is suitable for alla customers. Detoxifying reoxygenating treatment that, in 1 hour, removes dead cells, eliminates toxins and pollution, and reoxygenates the skin. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, a detoxyfying clay mask, reoxygenating massage and is completed with lotions.

98 €

Hydra Peeling 60 min
Beauty objective: A bright and glowing complexion
This revitalising facial treatment will make your skin more radiant, unifies complexion and lightens and minimises pigmentation marks. The treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing.

98 €

Lift Summum 60 min
Beauty objective: A firmer and more youthful complexion
This innovative lifting treatment is suited for each area of concern to firm and smooth the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Unique combination of lifting massage movements smooths the skin, reshapes the face contour and firms the décolleté. Thanks to the "wrinkle eraser" serum with pure vitamin C and Face & Décollaté mask with hyaluronic acid, this treatment helps to rejuvenate and restructure dull and tired skin. After the first treatment more lifted skin will regain its freshness, radiancy and smoothness!

98 €

Age Summum 60 min
Beauty objective: Smooth, glowing and younger-looking skin
This effectively smoothing vitamin C treatment will make your skin radiate infinite beauty. The secret ingredients to this beauty treatment are an anti-ageing massage and a unique serum mask. The treatment includes a powerful exfoliation, a vitamin C serum, an anti-ageing massage and a serum mask and is completed with lotions.

98 €

Holiday Club Signature Facial 45 min
Beauty objective: Soft and refreshed skin
This classic facial addresses the customer's individual needs. The treatment includes a welcoming massage, initial cleansing, exfoliation and a mask and is completed with lotions.

79 €

Holiday Club Fresh-Up 30 min 
Beauty objective: Instantly brighter skin. 
This individual facial treatment includes a welcome massage, initial cleansing, exfoliation and a mask and is completed with lotions.

44 €

You can include mechanical skin cleansing in any facial approx. 30 min. 35 €.


Traditional Massage
In this effective massage, the area of focus is selected according to the customer´s needs. Massaging lotion or oil is used in all massages.  

  • 25 min 35 €
  • 50 min 55 €
  • 75 min 75 €
  • 90 min 95 €

Massage + muscle warming packs, 60 min 

Includes a traditional massage for whole body and warming packs to relax and warm the muscles.

75 €

Hot Stone Massage, 60 min 

A relaxing full-body massage with warm stones. This warming treatment releases muscle tension and reduces stress. The treatment creates a profound sence of well-being.

85 €

Indian Head Massage

A simple and soothing massage to relieve stress and alleviate its symptoms. No oils are used and there is no need to undress.

Indian Head Massage, 25 min 40 €
Indian Head Massage, 50 min 65 €

Aroma Massage

An effective and gentle body massage which uses essential oils. The area of focus is selected according to the customer's needs and the length of the treatment.

Aroma Massage, 25 min  40 €
Aroma Massage, 50 min 65 €
Aroma Massage, 75 min 85 €

Manicures and Pedicures

LCN PEDIC – complete pedicure 60 min

Enjoy an effective pedicure with cosmetic products, performed by a professional. The treatment includes a footh bath, hard skin removal, nail and cuticle care and a massage. Your feet will feel refreshed and light after the treatment.

69 €

LCN QUICK – quick pedicure 30 min 

Instant care for your feet! The treatment includes a footh bath, and either hard skin removal or nail and cuticle care and is finished with a massage and foot lotion. 

39 €

LCN SPA FOOT – pampering foot treatment 30 min 

Enjoy a luxurious, pampering SPA product treatment. The treatment includes a gentle sugar exfoliation of the feet as well as a massage with a vanilla-scented candle.The treatment is topped off with a nourishing foot lotion.

39 €

LCN MANIC – complete manicure 60 mins.

Give your hands the attention they deserve – have a complete manicure! The treatment includes a hand scrub, cuticle care, nail shaping and polishing and a relaxing massage. You will have soft hands and beautiful nails after the treatment.

69 €

LCN QUICK – quick manicure 30 min 

Instant hand beautification. This 30 minute treatment includes a salt scrub that will make your skin soft as well as nail shaping and, as a finishing touch a colourless nail polish. A conditioning hand cream tops off the treatment. 

39 €

LCN SPA – pampering manicure 30 min 

Enjoy a luxurious, pampering SPA Product treatment. The treatment includes a gentle sugar exfoliation of the hands as well as a massage with warm oil. The treatment is topped off with a softening hand lotion.

39 €
Nail polishing with a pedicure or manicure + 15 min
(incl. bottle of nail polish)
15 €

SHELLAC™ permanent polishing

SHELLAC™ permanent polishing 30 min

In connection with the polish, we take care of the cuticles and clean the nails. Permanent polish in connection with foot or hand treatment -5 € from the normal price.

45 €
SHELLAC™ permanent polish removal 15 min 20 €


Harmony Spa Body Treatments

Slim Logic Body Treatment 75 min
Beauty objective: A shaping and light feeling
The skin appears more radiant immediately after the treatment. As a treatment course consisting of several treatments: the figure is resculpted and the contours are slimmer and the skin’s orange peel appearance is visibly reduced. The treatment includes enzymatic exfoliation, fat-reducing massage, fluid-reducting body-wrap and is completed with lotions.

89 €

Mirific Relaxing Body Treatments 
Beauty objective: A relaxed, soft and moisturised skin
Treatments that leave the skin with a soft, beautiful sheen. Choose from a Body Scrub treatment that exfoliates dead, dull surface cells leaving your skin feeling refreshed, moisturised and ultra smooth or a Massage treatment that focuses on the key areas that are important for relaxation: neck, shoulders, back, hands and feet and will make your skin feel dreamy soft and help you feel completely relaxed. Additionally, you can choose a combination treatment for the best possible relaxation and results. Mirific is a true selfcare treatment!


Mirific Gommage Body Scrub 30 min 

 59 €

Mirific Relaxxing Massage Treatment 60 min

79 €

Mirific combination: Scrub + Massage 75 min

109 €

Holiday Club Signature Face & Body 90 min
Beauty objective: Pampered from head to toe
A comprehensive pampering treatment is a unique combination of a facial and body treatment. The treatment includes initial face cleansing, a face and body scrub massage with essential oil, a facial mask and lotions.

138 €

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping 20 €
Permanent Eyebrow Tinting + Shaping 25 €
Permanent Eyelash Tinting 25 €
Permanent Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting (incl. eyebrow shaping) 35 €
Yumi™Lashes - Eyelash Bending Treatment
The treatment bends your own lashes and gives them extra length and volyme without any glue. The result lasts for 8-10 weeks. 
95 €

Yumi™Brows – Keratin Brow Lift (Lamination)
Yumi™Brows lamination is a full protocol treatment for fuller, thicker, and better shaped brows. This treatment will not only tame your brows but it will keep them in your desired shape for 6-8 weeks.

65 €
Yumi™lashes + Yumi™Brows 135 €
Miraque - Premium Magnetic Eyelashes
High-quality and lightweight magnetic false lashes. Attach to your own eyelashes in seconds - no glue needed. Also suitable for sensitive eyes. Seven different models available. 
49 €

Magnetic Eyelashes Consultation Time
Guidance for chosing the right eyelashes and tips how to put them on and remove them. Recomended if you have not used Miraque Magnetic Eyelashes before.

30 €


The neurosonic divan treatment is based on sensory tissue stimulation with extremey low-frequency, mechanical sine wave vibration. The method can be used to improve the quality of sleep and to alleviate stress, muscle tension and migraine. 


  • Activation programs starting at 10 €
  • Sleep and stress programs starting at 25 €
  • Recovery programs starting at 35 €


Solarium is located at the gym. You can buy a token at the spa reception. Maximum time 20 min/visit. Age limit 18 years.
per visit 8 €
per student or hotel guest 5 €


In sugaring we use Lapinniemen Helmi body sugar, which is vegan, gentle and soft sugaring paste. This unique sugar causes less skin irritation and is suitable also for people with sensitive skin. Sugaring is done with only a ball of sugar paste – no strips are needed. This produces less pressure on the hair shaft, leading to less breakage, and resulting soft, radiant and silky smooth skin. Sugaring is done only for female customers.

Upperlip or chin
 combined with a facial 
20 €
15 €
Whole face
 combined with a facial
30 €
35 €
Armpits 25 €
Arms  45 €
Bikini 40 €
Brazialian sugaring 70 €
Brazialian - follow up times (max. 6 weeks from last appointment) 55 €
Legs 45 €
Legs and thighs 75 €
Armpits, legs and bikini 90 €
Armpits, legs and brazilian 120 €


Treatments suitable for children

Holiday Club Facial, 30 min

This individual facial treatment includes a welcome massage, initial cleansing, exfoliation and a mask and is completed with lotions. Suitable for children starting from the age of 6 

44 €

Gentle Treatment For Hands or Toes, 30 min

LCN SPA - pampering manicure or pedicure treatment 30 min. The treatment includes a light massage, hand or toe nail treatment and nail polishing. Recommended for children starting from the age of 4

39 €


Opening hours and reservations

Opening hours

  • Open daily starting from 29 March
  • Harmony Spa treatment department operates upon reservation

Reservations for treatments

  • Bookings tel. +358 300 870 929
  • Whenever Harmony Spa is closed, the hotel reception can help you with treatment bookings

Spa etiquette

  • Please arrive at the Harmony Spa about 30 minutes before the treatment is scheduled to begin. This leaves you enough time to fill in the customer card and relax for a moment before the spa treatment. If you arrive late, the treatment time will be shorter.
  • You can leave your clothes and valuables in the locker room if there is one provided at the Harmony Spa you are visiting. Slippers and a bathrobe will be provided for you during your stay. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode. If you use contact lenses, please remember to remove them before the treatment.
  • The spa therapist will explain the phases of the treatment to you beforehand. This way, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying the experience during the treatment. You may, however, initiate a conversation at any time or make requests related to the treatment.
  • You should reserve a moment for relaxing in the relaxation room after the treatment. If you wish to use our spa facilities, please do so before your treatment. Most of the treatments make use of different oils whose effect continues after the treatment.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled treatment session, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. If the service ordered is not used and no advance notice of cancellation is given, the treatment will be charged for in full. Group treatments can be cancelled without charge seven days before the scheduled appointment. If the treatment is cancelled later than this, we will charge 50% of the full price. No refund is available for treatments that are cancelled less than three days in advance.
  • Important note: when you book a treatment, please let us know if you have any relevant medical conditions or if you are pregnant or taking any medication.

Enjoy your Harmony Spa moment!