Holiday Club Katinkulta – the most versatile holiday resort in the Nordic Countries – is located in the Kainuu region in North Eastern Finland, Vuokatti. The landscape of the region consists mostly of large areas of forest covered fells and lakes. Katinkulta provides you with the opportunities to enjoy Finnish nature and practically any kind of recreation with the whole family.


At Holiday Club Katinkulta you can choose your accommodation style! From the comfortable hotel rooms guests have direct indoor access to the spa, restaurants and all available indoor activities. Holiday houses and Villas apartments guarantee spacious and high-quality accommodation right next to the spa hotel.

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  • The hotel holds a total of 116 rooms, four of which are suites.
  • All rooms are spacious superior-class rooms where smoking is not allowed. Nearly every room also boasts a balcony with an amazing view of the golf course or the Vuokatti hills.
  • To ensure the peace and privacy of our guests, we have situated the rooms in a separate hotel wing.
  • From the rooms, our guests have direct indoor access to the spa, restaurants and all available indoor activities. Simply put on your dressing or training clothes and go enjoy yourself.
  • Holiday Club Katinkulta spa hotel also provides rooms for people with allergies or disabilities, as well as for those of us who like to travel with our pets.
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  • The holiday houses are conveniently spread around the area surrounding the full-service holiday resort in Vuokatti.
  • A testament to the high quality of the Katinkulta holiday houses is that, despite being built in a compact and ecological manner, each house is spacious and provides plenty of peace and privacy.
  • The holiday apartments include fully equipped kitchens and their own sauna.
  • The Villas-wing of the hotel hosts spacious, high-quality 1-2 bedroom apartments.
  • Apartments include linen and cleaning. Minimum stay 2 days.



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  • Rantahovi, Katinkullan Kiinteistöt, Katinkultaniemi, Hiekkaniemi, Golfharju, Katinkultaranta and Katinkulta Residence are holiday apartments in Katinkulta.
  • They are spread around different areas of the grand resort.
  • Typically the apartments are equipped with high-end kitchen, washing machine, terrace and sauna.
  • Katinkulta's Villas apartments offer high-class accommodation near the spa hotel's services.
  • Typically the Villas are equipped with with high-end kitchen, washing machine, sauna and balcony.
  • Linen and cleaning are included in a stay at a holiday apartment.




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Contact info

Welcome to Holiday Club Katinkulta!

  • Reception is open 24 hours a day
  • Holiday apartment and Villas key service at reception
  • Baggage storage and waiting area at reception

  Check-in Check-out
Hotel and Villas 
3 pm 12 noon 
Holiday Apartments 16-18* pm 10-12* noon

* See correct time from you booking confirmation email

Katinkullantie 15
88610 Vuokatti

Arriving at the resort

Parking in Katinkulta is chargeable (1,6 € / h, 9 € / day, 41 € / week). There is an electric car charging station in the car park between Villas 2 and the spa building. Virta application: 4 x 22kW, charging with mobile application costs 0,2 €/kWh. Tesla Destination Charger: 2 x 22kW, free for Teslas. Parking is also chargeable during charging. Parking is supervised by Europark.

Customer Service
Call +358 300 870 900
Mon–Fri 9 am to 4:30 pm
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

Katinkulta reception 24 hours
Call +358 300 870 979
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

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