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Enjoy the privacy in a quality holiday apartment or cottage.

Relax in a spa hotel of your choice and enjoy your holiday just the way like it.

The idea behind Holiday Club vacation ownership lies in quality holiday destinations and flexible holiday exchanges

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  • Own privacy close to the nature
  • High quality, spacious, well equipped home away from home
  • All the services of the spa resorts available and reachable
  • Bed linen and towels, final cleaning
  • Holiday homes around Finland, around the year

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  • High quality rooms or holiday residences
  • Spa, treatment, recreation and restaurant services
  • Destinations in all parts of Finland
  • Stress-free vacation without worries
  • Indoor and outdoor activities for all ages and theme parks for children

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  • As a Holiday Club owner, you own holidays in a quality apartment surrounded by diverse services and leisure opportunities.
  • You can enjoy your leisure time just the way you want – provided you with complete flexibility and choice.
  • As an owner, you can join the Holiday Club Points exchange system and exchange your week to any of more than 4,000 holiday destinations in over 100 different countries.

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Now at Holiday Club

Holiday Club Saimaa wins international award

Holiday Club Saimaa wins international award

Holiday Club Saimaa, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has been chosen as Finland's Leading Resort 2021 in the international World Travel Awards competition.

Our Tampere destination renovations in 2022

Our Tampere destination renovations in 2022

This year's renovations at Holiday Club Tampereen kylpylä are finally in the finishline, with 26 new atmospheric hotel rooms opened in the historic Lapinniemi spinning mill, old rooms & spaces opened with a new refreshed look and brand new conference rooms opening soon.

New Golf Park Villas apartments at Katinkulta

New Golf Park Villas apartments at Katinkulta

The new apartments will be completed at Katinkulta by Easter, and their rental will start on 2 April 2021. A total of 12 new Villas apartments will be completed at Holiday Club Katinkulta. The layout is the same as in the previously completed Katinkulta Golf Park Villas apartments.

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