Holiday Club Golf Katinkulta

Katinkulta has three courses that are sure to please players of all skill levels. The championship level Nuas course of 18 holes extends over the beautiful scenery of lake and hills at Vuokatti. The Tenetti club course of 9 holes and the Vuokatti Par 3 course are also part of Katinkulta Golf.

Par three course

Vuokatti Par 3 course is a good place to start. The course is easy enough, especially for the fledgling golfers. On the par 3 course you can play without a membership.

The well-equipped range gives you a chance to practice on grass whenever you want. The five putting and chipping greens, the practice bunkers and the pitch and putt course are excellent places to practice your short game. At Katinkulta, you can choose the spacious accommodation at a holiday home or the convenience of the spa hotel. The spa, the restaurants and other activities complete your relaxing vacation.

Contact info and reservations

Golf course will be opened on the 13th of May at 10 am.

Contact info



  • Parking payment required at the hotel area
  • Parking fees: 1 € /1 h, 6 €/24 h, 35 €/1 week

Reservation instructions

Reservations for the 18-hole Nuas Course
Those of our timeshare owners with an unlimited right to play can reserve tee times online seven days in advance. The online reservation period begins at 12 noon.

Those with game tickets or limited rights to play can reserve tee times either at the course or by phone the day before. Visiting players can make reservations for tee times seven days in advance on  the NexGolf website by paying the green fee online at the time of the reservation. In July–August, one tee time per hour (.10) is left outside the reservation system. A draw will be held for these times at 6 p.m. the day before for everyone interested. You can sign up for the draw by filling in a form at the golf reception.

Reservation for the Vuokatti and Tenetti courses are done with the ball chute.

Timeshare owners and those with an unlimited right to play
Timeshare owners and those with an unlimited right to play must name the persons using the right to play well before their holiday week begins by sending the information via e-mail to the following address: The necessary information (username and password) will be sent as a reply to the e-mail. Timeshare owners may transfer their right to play to another week, if desired. A fee of €128 will be collected for the transfer.

Members of other clubs with an unlimited right to play can log into the website using the golf usernames of Holiday Club timeshare owners. The necessary information must be filled in for all players in the reservation field to complete the reservation. In the reservation window, type in the golf user ID for Holiday Club timeshare owners and press Retrieve. After this, the reservation is made by clicking on the link ‘make a reservation’. The handicap limit is 108 per group.

Members of Katinkulta Golf Ry
Please write your KkG membership number in the Membership number field. Only members with an unlimited right to play can reserve a tee time using the membership number.

The Password begins with the first two letters of your first name. The first letter is in upper case and the second is in lower case. Then type in the first two letters of your last name in upper and lower case. The password ends with the number of the day in your birthday.

For example: MaMe10 (Matti Meikäläinen, 10th)

The reservations for tee times at the Vuokatti and Tenetti courses are done with the ball chute.