Try our restaurant Grow; we serve food for an active lifestyle!

Grow is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar is open from early afternoon.

Grow - green is the new black!

Grow - green is the new black

Our new restaurant opened in December 2016 - we welcome you to Grow. 

We at Grow want to take you on a culinary journey packed with inspiration for tomorrow's experiences. All our love and energy goes into selecting the best seasonal ingredients, creating food for togetherness and igniting curiosity. It is for this reason that we allow the ingredients to steer our choice of dishes. The vegetables have the leading roll and the animal protein its accompaniment. This leads to the reduction of food waste and the contribution to a more sustainable world. Welcome to Grow and welcome to our culinary journey!

We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grow Lobby bar is open from early afternoon with a selection of dishes from our lobby menu.

Call us to make your dinner reservations: +46-647 120 00!

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O´Learys sports bar - a taste of Boston

Åre's best sports bar is located here at O'Learys. With 500 m2 and 220 seats, visitors can amuse themselves with everything from bowling, mini golf and air hockey. Sports events are served on the big screen while you munch on spicy finger-food and enjoy refreshments from around the world.

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Holiday Club Åre

Box 68
83014 Åre
Tel. +46 6 4712 000

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