Tropical Spa 

Richly decorated with exotic plants and flowers and smooth natural rock, Holiday Club Kuusamo's stunning pool area is a lush, tropical oasis in the midst of the Finnish wilderness. The pools' warm bubbles invite you to sit back and simply relax. Feel the age-old therapeutic effects of water as you enjoy the many delights the spa has to offer. 

Opening hours and prices

Due to the renovation, the washrooms are out of use. As a temporary arrengement, there is one shered sauna and shered showers in the pool area. Pools and dressing rooms are in use as usual.

Opening hours
Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa is open Sun-Fri 12 pm to 8 pm, Sat 10 am to 8 pm.

Spa tickets sold 60 min before closing time, pools close 15 min before closing time.
Prices Normal Owners
Adults 24 € discount -15 %
Children (aged 4–14) 18 € discount -15 %
Children (under the age of 4) free free
Family ticket  (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) 60 € discount -15 %
Pensioner / student / group (min. 15 persons) 18 € -
10 times card for adults 180 € discount -15 %
10 times card for children aged 4 to 14 115 € discount -15 %

Swimsuits and towels rental:
Swimsuit 6 €, towel 6 €, spa slippers 3,50 €, bathrobe 6 €

Spa fun in Kuusamon Tropiikki

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Enjoy the tropical spa of Kuusamon Tropiikki. At the spa area you can enjoy bubbles of the jacuzzi and massaging jets. Children's pool provides spa fun for children. The Sauna World promotes absolute relaxation with traditional Finnish saunas.

  • Three jacuzzis
  • Water slide with tunnels
  • Massaging jets
  • Counter-current swimming
  • Children's pool

Water Aerobics

Refresh your mind and body by attending one of the guided water aerobics classes. Please, ask the timetable from the reception.


Harmony Spa

The Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki wellness department offers a comprehensive menu of pampering and relaxing treatments for our guests' enjoyment. Our treatments give a touch of luxury and total relaxation. You can relax and trust that the treatments are done in a professional manner for you in selected industry-leading products, competently and without haste. Feel good over the entire body.

Opening hours
Harmony Spa is open Mon–Sat 10 am to 5 pm

Reservations for treatments
Bookings from hotel reception. We recommend pre-booking treatments prior to arrival at the resort.

Treatments and prices


Hot Stone 55 min.

A relaxing massage with hot stones. This massage allows your body to release all tension and worries. Heat radiates from the hot stones deep into the muscles and creates a profound sense of well-being.

70 €


Aromatic Massage is an effective and gentle body treatment for the well-being of your body and mind. The effect is defined by the treatment oil which is selected together with the customer. The essential oils used in the treatment are selected to match the needs of the skin and mind. Aromatic Massages are UMG Wellness treatments: Ulla-Maija Grace treatment methods and products are applied.

Aromatic Massage 25 min.

Gentle, muscle-stretching treatment of back, chest and neck area.

40 €

Aromatic Massage 50 min.

Relaxation treatment of back, chest, neck, arms and legs.

60 €

Aromatic Massage 75 min.

Relaxation treatment of back, chest, neck and shoulder area, arms, legs, feet and face.

80 €

Classical Massage

The area of focus is selected according to the customer's wishes.

  • 25 min. 35 €
  • 50 min. 60 €
  • 75 min. 79 €
  • 90 min. 94 €

Indian Head Massage

Simple and soothing stress relieving massage. No oil is used during the massage and there is no need for undressing.  

  • 25 min. 40 €
  • 50 min. 60 €

Neural Pathway Massage 90 min.

Full body gentle, relaxing treatment. Both lengthwise and cross neural pathways, and brain and spinal nerves are treated.


85 €

Sports Massage

  • 25 min 40 €
  • 50 min 65 €
  • 75 min 88 €

Original Thai Massage 75 min

The treatment is conducted by pressing and proceeding along the fascia, wearing a thin layer of clothing. Occasionally efficient stretching is applied treating the whole body.

88 €


The practice of Shiatsu is based on the pressures (fingers "shi" and press "atsu") firmly with the fingertips, knuckles, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, with the elbow and the knee, a depending on the position and the intensity of stimulation sought, but can also include light stretching and manipulation techniques to obtain the harmonization of the whole energy system. 

Shiatsu practice does not involve the use of oils and ointments and is done traditionally clad body and place on a futon on the floor.

• 50 min 65 €
• 75 min 85 €


Spa etiquette

  • Please arrive at the Harmony Spa about 15 minutes before the treatment is scheduled to begin. This leaves you enough time to relax for a moment before the spa treatment. If you arrive late, the treatment time will be shorter.
  • Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode. If you use contact lenses, please remember to remove them before the treatment.
  • The spa therapist will explain the phases of the treatment to you beforehand. This way, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying the experience during the treatment. You may, however, initiate a conversation at any time or make requests related to the treatment.
  • You should reserve a moment for relaxing in the relaxation room after the treatment. If you wish to use our spa facilities, please do so before your treatment. Most of the treatments make use of different oils whose effect continues after the treatment.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled treatment session, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. If the service ordered is not used and no advance notice of cancellation is given, the treatment will be charged for in full. Group treatments can be cancelled without charge seven days before the scheduled appointment. If the treatment is cancelled later than this, we will charge 50% of the full price. No refund is available for treatments that are cancelled less than three days in advance.
  • We reserve the right to change the prices. Please note the differences in price for treatments done from Monday to Friday and from Saturday to Sunday. The prices for Saturdays and Sundays are also valid for all midweek holidays and other holidays.
  • Important note: When booking a treatment, please make sure to let us know if you have any relevant medical conditions or if you are pregnant or taking any medication.
  • Enjoy your Harmony Spa moment.

Lakeside Sauna

Lakeside sauna is located by the beautiful Petäjälampi lake close to the spa hotel. It is possible to try ice swimming during winter.

Reservations upon request

  • 200 €/4 h
  • for owners 150 €/4 h
  • Two changing rooms and one sauna

Good to know

Spa tickets

  • We recommend buying spa tickets in advance when you make your reservation
  • The spa is open also to day visitors
  • Spa tickets are on sale at the spa reception

Spa with children

  • Waterproof diapers mandatory for children 0–2 years. Swim diapers can be purchased from spa reception
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent in the spa

Good to know at the spa

  • The spa is open daily from 1 pm to 9 pm
  • Entrance to the pool area closes one hour earlier
  • For hygiene reasons, spa visitors must wear swimming shorts or swimsuits

Contact info

Welcome to Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki!

  • Reception is open 24/7
  • The key service locates at the reception
  • Left-luggage space at the reception

  Check-in Check-out
Hotel at 3 pm at 12 pm
Holiday houses
Lomatropiikki, Lomaparatiisi, Lampitropiikki, Rantatropiikki at 4 pm at 12 pm
Kuusamon Tähti at 5 pm at 10 am
Villas apartments at 3 pm at 12 pm

Kylpyläntie 5
93600 Kuusamo

Arriving at the resort

Parking in Kuusamo Tropic is free. Heating poles are also available, more information at the hotel reception. There are electric car charging points in the car park. Virta application: 4 x 22kW, free download with mobile application

Customer Service
Call +358 300 870 900
Mon–Fri 9 am to 4:30 pm
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

Kuusamon Tropiikki Reception 24 hours a day
Call +358 300 870 961
Price 0,60 €/min maximum price 3 € + local or mobile call charge. Waiting time is also charged.

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