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Data protection report

Register Report

Personal Data Act (523/99), section 10

24 April 2008

1. Registrar


Holiday Club Resorts Oy
Hitsaajankatu 22, 00810 Helsinki
+358 30 686 8000 (exchange)

2. Person and/or contact person responsible for register matters


Anne Oravainen, legal and administrative matters
Hitsaajankatu 22, 00810 Helsinki
Tel. +358 30 686 8048

3. Name of register


Holiday Club Resorts Oy Internet Marketing Register

4. Purpose of handling personal data/use of register




The register is used for handling customer relations, registering travel and booking information, contacting customers, and marketing and advertising. If a Holiday Club Resorts Oy customer has given his/her approval, she/he will be sent marketing material by mail and/or e-mail and/or SMS also.

The registering of personal date is voluntary, Personal Data Act, sections 8 and 3.

5. Information contained in the register


Personal data: Family name, first names, date of birth, age, e-mail address, telephone numbers, address, language, interests by product, occupation category, and average household income.

Shareholder information: Holiday Club shares, share information (week, destination, apartment number), number of membership card.

Upkeep information: Date and source of registration, previous address, date when address was changed, mail routing.

Purchasing history and customer information: Information concerning purchases made on the Holiday Club Resorts Oy homepage, such as what was purchased, date, price, discounts and grounds for discounts, additional services, campaign code, names and number of travellers, and feedback sent.

6. Cookie function


The Holiday Club Resorts Oy homepage has a so-called cookie function. Cookies are small text files, which are sent to the user’s PC and saved there. They enable the maintainer of the Internet pages to identify frequent visitors to the pages, make it easier to log onto the pages, and also make it possible to create combined information concerning the visitors. 

The cookies do not damage the users’ PCs or files. If a user visiting our pages does not want to spread the information mentioned above via the cookies, most browser programmes allow users to switch off the cookie function. For instance, with the Internet Explorer browser, users can switch off the function by clicking Tools – Internet Settings – menu at Security. 

7. Regular sources of information


The information contained in the Holiday Club Resorts Oy Internet Marketing Register is information saved by customers themselves. The information is saved when it is given on the Holiday Club Oy homepage. The information is saved when customers fill in forms such as mailing list forms, contest forms, shareholder card application forms, shareholder mailing list forms, when they make a hotel or travel reservation on the Internet, or when they send feedback to Holiday Club, or they give their contact information on the site. 

8. Giving information and transferring information outside the EU or European Economic Area on a regular basis


Holiday Club’s Marketing and Communications personnel are entitled to read and use personal data. Information recorded in Holiday Club Resorts Oy’s Internet Marketing Register is only used within Holiday Club for purposes mentioned above.  Information is not surrendered to any third parties.

9. Principles for protecting the register


A. Manual material: the material is printed out only if needed.

B. Only authorized persons have access to the material saved on computers. These persons need a password and user code in order to gain access to the information.

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