The Holiday Club Arena is suitable for skiing, ice hockey and curling, among other sports. Rent a pair of ice skates and take a spin on the ice.

Padel is played on the spa’s roof terrace. Come and try it out – equipment and instruction can be arranged!

The BowlCircus bowling centre is located on the ground floor of the spa hotel opposite the spa entrance.

The ice of the Holiday Club Arena is NHL-sized. Ice hockey camps, practices, company hockey tournaments – and all the spa hotel services under the same roof. Recreation does not get better than this!

The twelve-lane BowlCircus offers both families with children and groups of friends a place to have fun bowling

There is plenty to do year-round at Saimaa. In addition to tour skating, the ice also accommodates skiing and snowmobiles. Who dares to go ice swimming?

Saimaa Adventures offers Holiday Club customers a wide range of activities by Lake Saimaa.

Hossukan Helmi is a stylish private sauna by Lake Saimaa, only 7 kilometres from Holiday Club Saimaa by land and even closer by water.

Saimaa makes recreation easy. Choose your own group exercise class from the weekly programme.

The Castle hotel features a spacious and modern fitness centre where you can train independently with gym equipment or free weights.

Padel - an exciting new sport now in Saimaa


Padel can be played on the beautiful sun deck of Holiday Club Saimaa. In addition to the unique rooftop playing court, the sun deck also features a bar and a smoke sauna.

Padel, which is not yet well-known in Finland, borrows elements from both tennis and squash and combines exercise and shared fun. Padel is typically played in doubles but can also be played in singles. In Saimaa it is easy for the whole family to learn more about padel. Racquets and balls can be rented from the kiosk beside the court.

Padel is a game that is quick and easy to pick up. The simple rules can be learned quickly, and the racquet is easy to handle thanks to its short shaft. Physical strength does not play a large role in padel like it does in tennis, but good technique and eye for the game will take you far. That is why players of different skill levels can easily play together.

 Game session 1 hour (incl. racquets and balls)   24 € per hour
 Game session 1h + spa 2 pers. (incl. racquets and balls)  80 €
 Game session 1h + spa 4 pers. (incl. racquets and balls)  100 €


 How to play padel

Padel scoring is the same that is used in tennis, i.e. 15, 30, 40, and game. In case of deuce at 40–40, two clear points need to be won before the game is over. Padel game is won from the best of three sets, which are played to six games. At 6–6, a tiebreak is played, which is the first side to seven points with two clear points between the sides.

Doubles (2+2)

  • Playing area: serves must hit the service box, after which the entire court can be used.
  • Serves (2 opportunities) are underarm. The server’s feet must be behind the service line. The ball is dropped on the floor behind the service line. The ball must be hit at or below waist-level and fly clear of the net directly into the opponent’s service box diagonally opposite.
  • The serve must bounce before it can be returned – it cannot be volleyed.
  • The ball must not hit the net on the first serve, but after that it can.
  • After the serve, the ball can be volleyed and bounced from the glass walls on the player’s own side.
  • If the ball hits the opponent’s wall directly, it is considered out.

Singles (1+1)

  • Played diagonally on half a court.
  • Alternating between first and second box.


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