Golf Saimaa

Golf Saimaa

The 18-hole course was completed in time for the 2013 season.

Saimaa’s Golf Academy provides instruction for all players aged 10 and over.

Golf Saimaa offers challenges and the joy of success for players at all levels.

The Golf Saimaa course has a new club house and a large parking area.

You can perfect your swing on the Golf Saimaa pitch and putt course.

The Golf Saimaa club house contains a Pro Shop and a restaurant.

The Golf Saimaa course is located in Rauha, Lappeenranta, just a kilometre from the spa hotel.

Golf Saimaa is located in Rauha, Lappeenranta, and its rolling heath and dramatic landscape with kettle holes left by the Ice Age provide an impressive setting for the game.

Holiday Club Golf Academy

The Holiday Club Golf Academy is responsible for golf teaching at Saimaa. The Golf Academy offers Green Card courses, private and small group lessons and teaching for companies. The top-quality practice areas used in teaching make practice fun.

Get your green card after the course

You can start playing under the expert instruction of professional PGA teachers on the popular Green Card courses at the Holiday Club Golf Academy. Golf course takes 2 days and will be held in Finnish language. Private courses can be arranged in English upon request on any weekday.

The Green Card courses are an essential part of starting to play golf. By participating in a high quality course, you can ensure a smooth start to your game. On the course, you learn the first steps of stroke technique, rules and etiquette, and first and foremost, you learn to play the game. People's skills develop individually during the course – some learn rapidly, while others take a bit longer to find their own style of play. On the courses, we take each participant's individual development into account, and what's best: naturally, the reward for a successfully completed course is a Green Card!

The golf courses in Saimaa include everything needed

The Holiday Club Golf Academy courses are full-service courses. The course includes the equipment and balls used for practice, use of the Par 3 course for practice on your own during the course days and free use of the other practice areas (outside lessons, you can practise on the range at your own cost).

The Holiday Club Golf Academy instructors are Finnish Golf Union (PGA) certified.

Private Lessons and Training

When you want to improve your golf skills or start playing golf, we recommend private or small-group lessons. We will find ways to put your swing on track, make chipping easier and help your putt find its way home.

Private lessons are a useful addition for players of all levels. All teachers at the Holiday Club Golf Academy are experienced trainers, who have much to give, even to more advanced players. We recommend that players with a lower handicap take a package of 3–5 lessons, which will help them to focus on their own areas of development in more depth and improve their scores.

Especially in the spring, after the long winter season, it's worth brushing up your skills with the help of a professional. In addition, taking a few lessons during the summer season will help you to check your skills and improve your technique. In private lessons, the teacher can focus precisely on the section of the game the student is interested in, and at the beginning, students usually say exactly what they would like the lessons to cover.

If you are interested in starting to play golf, we recommend that you take a private basic course to learn the basics and to obtain a green card. Private courses are arranged upon request during the season. Course lasts 11 hours, from which on first and second day 3 hours and on third day five hours.

Private lessons
1 person  55 min    60 €
2 people 55 min   85 €
3 people              105 €
4 people              120 €

The language of instruction is English.


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