The northernmost Angry Birds Activity Park in the world is located in Saariselkä.

The Saariselkä Angry Birds Activity Park features a space theme.

A wealth of enjoyment for everyone.

No-one leaves the Angry Birds Activity Park without a smile on their face.

Get a healthy glow on your face on the ski trails of Saariselkä or at Angry Birds Activity Park.

The Angry Birds Shop is located right in front of Angry Birds Activity Park.

The Bad Piggies game area offers plenty of enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Angry Birds Activity Park Saariselkä

Angry Birds Activity Parks offer lots of fun for visitors of all ages. Gather your best friends and spend an unforgettable afternoon at the activity park, organize a recreation day for your employees or spend a holiday with your whole family. Activity Parks suit for everyone, regardless of age! Angry Birds Activity Parks increase the already extensive activity offering of Holiday Club resorts. In Angry Birds Activity Parks the rides won’t move people but people will move the rides. The starting point is the physical making and the fun of doing it. The physical making is combined with virtual world and the characters known by the whole world, the Angry Birds. The key idea behind the parks is that there are activities for everyone - tots, teens and adults. The parks offer activities all year round right next to our resorts. In Saariselkä the park is in connection with the hotel and there is an indoor access to the park.

Opening hours
  • Open daily 12 midday to 7 pm
  Normal Owners
Entrance 17 € per person 15.50 € per person
Under 4 year olds free  
Family ticket 2+2 or 1+3 50 € 38 €
Next Day Ticket  
(do not remove the previous day's wristband) 
10 € per person  
Activity Park + Waterpark
(Use of the Waterpark can also be transferred to the next day)
20 € per child
30 € per adult
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult in the park.
  • Children aged 10–14 can visit the park without adult supervision if they have a permission form from the counter.

Angry Birds Activity Park

The themes of the Angry Birds Activity Park in Saariselkä are space and Lapland. Angry Birds and the northern magic make an interesting and attractive combination. As in other parks also in Saariselkä the starting point is the physical doing, the rides won't move people but people will move the rides. This is combined with the virtual world familiar of the Angry Birds Games.

Other essential idea is to provide activities for people of all ages. For instance the challenges of the adventure track are multidimensional and suit best for over 6 year olds. The track activities are easy to vary, which means that it provides activities for both families and work groups.  There is instructions to execute the activities in couple of different ways which gives a good basis for visitors' own ideas. In addition, the tower and climbing structures make sure the whole family can have fun together. These stuctures provide challenges regardless of the person's age. Functions can be varied for instance based on children's ages. The only limit is the imagination!

You can also take a breath at the Angry Birds Activity Park. The rest stops are near the different functions and also right next to the play area for small children. This enables parents to have a rest while the kids are playing.



Angry Birds Shop

You’ll find all the souvenirs and presents and all the fun Angry Birds Products to take home to. The selection of goods includes Angry Birds characters as soft toys, computer games, mobile phone covers, clothes and lots more! Saariselkä Angry Birds Shop is right at the park entrance so you can pay a visit conveniently when visiting the park.

Welcome to the shop.


Conference and occupational wellbeing trips

Conference and job welfare travel have been taken into consideration when planning the park. You can play interactive ball, hockey or floorball and dance or even rousette skate.The interactive wall offers different kinds of ball games to play on one's own or in groups. The wall is suitable also for professional use. At the precision shooting track you can play by yourself or in groups. The passageways suit well for tandem skiing tracks of a private party, for instance!


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