Angry Birds Activity Park will engage you in the activities.

The highlight of a team development day is enjoying Angry Birds Activity Park together.

The Sutu wall at Angry Birds Activity Park provides a challenge for single players and pairs.

Kuusamon Tropiikki's Angry Birds Activity Park is perfect for active individuals of all ages. It is an excellent alternative when the weather outside is less than favourable.

Jump in and join the Angry Birds adventure.

Kuusamon Tropiikki's Angry Birds Activity Park provides a wealth of indoor activities for the whole family under the same roof as the spa.

An Angry Birds holiday is sure to put a smile on your face!

Unleash your inner racing driver on the Angry Birds Activity Park track.

Angry Birds Activity Park is the number one place for kids.

Angry Birds Activity Park

Kuusamon Tropiikki Activity Park is 1400 sq.m. and there is 10 activity points. The points include the specialty of Kuusamo: Parkour area and  adventure track, racing track for pedal cars, bounce game, precision football game and adventure structures for both older and younger children. The extensive activity selection makes sure there is lots of fun to do for the whole family. Kids enjoy themselves at the area specifically designed for small children, Survival Track provides challenges and the game hall entertainment for teens and parents can relax and enjoy refreshments at the relaxation area.

You can challenge your friend, sister or even your colleague at the Survival Track. The track has several activities including climbing wall, balance beam, surfing in the waves, balancing track and fly track, where you’ll really experience the feel of the Angry Birds game. NB: Demands little bit of craziness. At the Blue Bird Sutu Ball Game Wall you can play together with your friends or family. The ball game wall is exciting and stimulating; beware that you won’t get hooked! Your pulse raises in this interactive game and the amusement is guaranteed. You can also try Parkour at Kuusamon Tropiikki Angry Birds Park. Parkour is popular and trendy hobby, which now everyone can try out at the Kuusamon Tropiikki Angry Birds Activity Park. The Finland’s Parkour Academy’s Pros have been involved in the design of this track. Parkour track is suitable for over 8 year old children, teens and adults.

Opening hours
  • Mon–Sun midday to 9 pm
  Normal Owners
Entrance 17 € 15 €
Family ticket 48 € (2 adults + 1–2 children or 1 adult + 2–3 children) 50 € 45 €
Children aged under 4 free free  
Next day ticket 10 €  

  • Please, note that children aged under 10 must be accompanied by an adult, and children aged between 10 to 13  can visit the park without adults, if parents sign permission.
  • Forms are available at the Angry Birds Activity Park store cashier.

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