Jardín Amadores

Jardín Amadores

Enjoy the pool with amazing views.

Snuggle up in your cosy armchair and unwind with a good book and a glass of wine or watch your favourite movie.

Revel in luxury in your all-marble bathroom.

Bright and comfortable bedrooms promise a good night’s sleep.

State-of-the-art kitchen where you can apply your best culinary skills in style.

Enjoy spectacular views of the Amadores beach and the Atlantic Ocean from your balcony.

Holiday Club Jardín Amadores

Inspired by the gardens of Babylon, this exclusive resort is the ideal retreat for the discerning guest. The ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ were exclusively reserved for the use of Kings and Queens and their Royal friends, enjoying their way of what we today call holidays.

Following their example, Jardín Amadores, enveloped by peacefulness, boasts all the facilities one needs to have a ‘Royal Holiday’: private gardens, sauna, sports facilities, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, waterfalls and quiet sheltered reading areas.


Jardín Amadores is situated on the sunny South coast of Gran Canaria at the Amadores Beach, a tourist resort with its shopping centres and numerous leisure opportunities.

It takes you approximately half an hour to get to Jardín Amadores by car from the airport. If you like, our Vacation Club (reservations@hccanarias.com) can arrange airport transfer for you.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an astonishing island - almost like a miniature continent on its own. It enjoys a climate of eternal springtime with average yearly temperatures of 250. 350 Days of sunshine and dazzling blue skies make this island the ideal year-round holiday destination. You’ll find everything: from small picturesque villages, friendly people, desert-like landscapes, green valleys with palm trees, impressive sand dunes, exotic beaches to majestic mountains almost 2000 metres high.

UNESCO awarded the island the Biosphere Reserve label, to actively support the conservation of the pieces that comprise this puzzle of natural settings - a diverse and unique micro-world.

Holiday Club quality and superior service level in Gran Canaria

Holiday Club is developing, promoting and maintaining some of the most beautiful resorts in the South of Gran Canaria. Based on the concept of Holiday Ownership, Holiday Club offers great opportunities to spend your vacations in luxury establishments with a warm, friendly Club atmosphere at truly affordable prices.

Holiday Club in Gran Canaria was initially founded as the Club Puerto Calma Group in 1992. In 2011 Club Puerto Calma was taken over by Holiday Club – one of Europe’s leading tourism & leisure companies. Ever since the beginnings of Club Puerto Calma, the main shareholders - the Roca brothers - set the rule for serious, transparent marketing activities and loyalty towards its customers. The Puerto Calma Group achieved a harmonious collaboration amongst its new owners and always complied with the Spanish industry legislation.

Holiday Club’s own Maintenance Company guarantees a five star service and regularly provides a detailed report to all owners to ensure continuous improvements. The privileged location of our establishments and a whole range of exclusive services throughout the resorts are of great benefit to all our guests. Already over 36.000 satisfied customers take advantage of our unique vacation concept, enjoying their luxury holidays whenever and wherever they choose.

All five Holiday Club resorts in Gran Canaria are affiliated to RCI - the world's most renowned and reliable holiday exchange network. Additionally, Holiday Club is a member of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO).

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