Whether you dream of travelling near or far, Holiday Club will make it come true.

As a Holiday Club timeshare owner, you will enjoy valuable benefits.

The interiors of our holiday homes favour high-quality, timeless furniture, equipment and materials. Everything is ready for your holiday.

As a timeshare owner, you can have exactly the holiday you like, with plenty to do all year round.

A timeshare is an excellent solution for families with children. The high-quality holiday homes are spacious and well-equipped. You can spend your holiday comfortably and at your own pace.

Holiday Club’s holiday homes are taken care of by a real estate company, whose decisions can be influenced by timeshare owners at annual general meetings.

You can familiarise yourself with the world of Holiday Club by taking an affordable introductory holiday, which includes a timeshare showcase that takes about two hours.

Holiday Club has 33 holiday resorts, five of which are located in Spain.

There are already more than 48,000 families with Holiday Club timeshares.

Would you prefer to relax under a palm tree by the waters of Kuusamon Tropiikki or the Pacific? As a Holiday Club timeshare owner, you have the world at your fingertips.

Amidst the peace and quiet of your holiday home, there is room for all the members of your family.

Would you rather taste wines at a Spanish vineyard or at Holiday Club Saimaa's Le Biff restaurant? As a timeshare owner, you can do both.

Holiday Club holiday homes always feature a well-equipped kitchen. Even if you don’t feel like cooking every day, it is nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you like.

As Holiday Club timeshare owner, it is easy to get into golf. For example, in Katinkulta the golf course is right in the backyard!

You can take a golf holiday in Finland in the summer and pursue greener greens in places like Portugal in the winter. Holiday exchange is made easy with Holiday Club Points.

As a timeshare owner, you will always get the most out of your holiday.

Playa Amadores and other holiday homes at Holiday Club Gran Canaria have already been chosen by more than 6,000 timeshare owners.

Holiday Club holidays are all about leisure. We will even carry your firewood inside for you.

Holiday Club Points offers more than 4,000 holiday resorts in over 100 different countries through RCI.

Each Holiday Club timeshare owner owns a weekly timeshare of a real estate company. The holiday home will be at your disposal at the same time every year.

The timeshare holiday home is fully furnished and equipped. The annual charge covers electricity, water, cleaning and snow ploughing costs, etc.

Holiday just the way you like it

As a Holiday Club owner, you own holidays in a quality apartment surrounded by diverse services and leisure opportunities. You can enjoy your leisure time just the way you want – Holiday Club provides you with complete flexibility and choice.

Enjoy yourself

As an owner of the week, you, your family and your friends can start enjoying your holiday the minute you enter your resort. The apartments are fully furnished; the beds are freshly made and towels are ready in the bathroom. At the end of your holiday, you don't have to spend your time cleaning because Holiday Club will do that for you.

Pamper your friends and relatives

As an owner, you also have the opportunity to let your friends and family use your holiday week. What better way to surprise those that are dear to you when you are too busy to take the holiday yourself?

Make an exchange

As an owner, you can join the Holiday Club Points exchange system and exchange your week to any of more than 4,000 holiday destinations in over 100 different countries. Holiday Club Points provides unique flexibility: choose from guaranteed sun in Gran Canaria or visit Santa's home in Finnish Lapland...the options are endless.

Weekly ownership of a holiday home

Holiday Club vacation ownership involves owning a weekly share in one of Holiday Club’s selected destinations. When you purchase a Holiday Club timeshare, you have the opportunity to enjoy quality vacations and diverse services at a moderate price.

The price depends on the location of your holiday home, the size, the week you wish to use it, and how many Holiday Club points you own.

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