Whether you dream of travelling near or far, Holiday Club will make it come true.

As a Holiday Club timeshare owner, you will enjoy valuable benefits.

The interiors of our holiday homes favour high-quality, timeless furniture, equipment and materials. Everything is ready for your holiday.

As a timeshare owner, you can have exactly the holiday you like, with plenty to do all year round.

A timeshare is an excellent solution for families with children. The high-quality holiday homes are spacious and well-equipped. You can spend your holiday comfortably and at your own pace.

Holiday Club’s holiday homes are taken care of by a real estate company, whose decisions can be influenced by timeshare owners at annual general meetings.

You can familiarise yourself with the world of Holiday Club by taking an affordable introductory holiday, which includes a timeshare showcase that takes about two hours.

Holiday Club has 33 holiday resorts, five of which are located in Spain.

There are already more than 48,000 families with Holiday Club timeshares.

Would you prefer to relax under a palm tree by the waters of Kuusamon Tropiikki or the Pacific? As a Holiday Club timeshare owner, you have the world at your fingertips.

Amidst the peace and quiet of your holiday home, there is room for all the members of your family.

Would you rather taste wines at a Spanish vineyard or at Holiday Club Saimaa's Le Biff restaurant? As a timeshare owner, you can do both.

Holiday Club holiday homes always feature a well-equipped kitchen. Even if you don’t feel like cooking every day, it is nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you like.

As Holiday Club timeshare owner, it is easy to get into golf. For example, in Katinkulta the golf course is right in the backyard!

You can take a golf holiday in Finland in the summer and pursue greener greens in places like Portugal in the winter. Holiday exchange is made easy with Holiday Club Points.

As a timeshare owner, you will always get the most out of your holiday.

Playa Amadores and other holiday homes at Holiday Club Gran Canaria have already been chosen by more than 6,000 timeshare owners.

Holiday Club holidays are all about leisure. We will even carry your firewood inside for you.

Holiday Club Points offers more than 4,000 holiday resorts in over 100 different countries through RCI.

Each Holiday Club timeshare owner owns a weekly timeshare of a real estate company. The holiday home will be at your disposal at the same time every year.

The timeshare holiday home is fully furnished and equipped. The annual charge covers electricity, water, cleaning and snow ploughing costs, etc.



How much does a timeshare cost?

Holiday Club’s timeshares cost €4,500–€37,000 per week. In addition, you pay an annual maintenance fee averaging €250 per year for the timeshare.  

The location and size of the holiday apartment and the season of the week affects the price of the timeshare. Seasonal periods, such as winter holidays and holidays from school, are more in demand and, therefore, they are also more expensive. Our Holiday Club presentations are occasions in which we outline your holiday needs and find you the most sensible solution. If you wish, we will also arrange competitive financing.  

We have received a letter from you, in which you offer us a trial holiday, during which we should participate in the presentation. Why do we both have to participate? Who will take care of the kids?  

Since family holiday decisions affect the whole family, it is important that all adults living in one household attend the Holiday Club presentation at the same time. This way, we ensure that you get enough information at one time and you can work out all of the issues occupying your mind. Children are also welcome at the presentation. The older the children are, the more they affect the family holiday selections. If your children are small and do not want to listen to adult talk, they can play together in the play area in the presentation office.  

I own one Holiday Club timeshare. Sometimes I would like be on holiday for several weeks, but I am not ready, at least yet, to get a second timeshare. What do you recommend?  

You can take extra holidays easily and, best of all, inexpensively. As a Holiday Club timeshare owner, you can take advantage of the Superbonus offer and Short Notice Weeks. Superbonus offers are long discount vacations to the location of the season. You will find the Superbonus offer of the season here.

If you are able to leave for a holiday on short notice, you can take advantage of our Short Notice Weeks. You receive information about these departures one week before the holiday begins, either in an electronic newsletter or from the “Short Notice Weeks” page.
I can’t take a vacation during my timeshare week, what should I do?

If you are a member of Holiday Club Points or the timeshare exchange system, you can easily exchange your week. Contact RCI and save your week to use later on.  
If you are part of the exchange system, you can rent out your timeshare yourself, or submit it to the Holiday Club system to be rented out. Our commission is 30 % of the list price. For example, if the value of your timeshare week is €1,300, our commission will be €390 and you will get €910. If you want, you may also give your timeshare week to a friend as a gift.   
You can conveniently commission us to rent out your timeshare here. You can also call the timeshare owner’s service at +358 300 870 910 and ask for a commission form for renting to be sent in the mail.  
Who will make sure that the apartment, for which I own a timeshare, will stay in good condition?  

Holiday Club Housing Management is responsible for Holiday Club’s timeshare housing management and administration. They take care of the weekly cleaning, annual maintenance and the cleanliness on the grounds of your apartment – overall, they make sure that the condition of your holiday apartment is preserved. Whether your holiday apartment is new or ten years old, it is always high quality.   

If you have noticed defects in your holiday apartment, such as a faulty light, contact the reception.  

Since I am the owner of the timeshare, I want to be able to have a say in issues concerning my holiday apartment. How can I participate?  

As a timeshare owner, you own an unencumbered, independent share of a real estate company in the same way as in any real estate company. As proof of your ownership, you will receive a stock certificate. A company meeting is held every year at the real estate company where all shareholders can have a say in company matters. If you are unable to participate in the meeting, you can order the minutes of the company meeting to be sent to you by mail.   

Our daughter’s family wants to go on a downhill skiing vacation. We have a timeshare in Kuusamo, but we won’t all fit there at one time. Can we give our apartment to our daughter to use?  

Absolutely. Your daughter's family can use the timeshare. However, it would be good to inform the holiday apartment reception in advance about who will be using your week.  

I want to exchange my week and use my points to go down south, what should I do?

You have joined the timeshare Holiday Club Points vacation exchange system. You can make a holiday reservation at any of approximately 4,000 holiday destinations 10 months before the date of your vacation. Contact vacation RCI, which takes care of vacation exchanges, at +358 9 6937 9177, and tell them when and where you want to go. Have your Holiday Club Points member number at hand.  

I feel a bit queasy about exchanging my holiday because I have to arrange the flight myself. What if I can’t arrange everything?  

With RCI, the world’s largest and much respected vacation exchange organization, you can go where you want when you want. Professional travel agents will serve you when you contact the holiday reservations department. They will make the holiday reservations that you want and help you to find the right location. Of course you can reserve your own flight, for example, but you can make the reservations through RCI for the same price and much more easily. Various services at the destination, such as car rental, can also be arranged through RCI. 
Our family has grown bigger and Holiday Club Points no longer provide us with a large enough holiday apartment. How can we get more points?  

The Holiday Club Points system is flexible; you can both save points and borrow from future ones. By planning your vacation in advance, you can get together enough points. If, however, you feel as if you need more Points than you have, contact our timeshare owner service at +358 300 870 910.

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