Looking Back Through the Years

The company was established under the name Suomen Lomapörssi. The name was later changed to Holiday Club Resorts Oy

The company purchased Katinkulta and Kuusamon Tropiikki

The company purchased Tampereen kylpylä and sold the ski centre at Salla and the holiday centres at Airisto and Pyhäniemi

The company purchased Saariselkä and Oulun Eden, constructed dozens of holiday flats in Katinkulta and Kuusamo

The new hotel and renovation of Tampereen kylpylä were completed, holiday flats were built in Saariselkä

The company purchased Spa Hotel Caribia and the conference centre in Turku

The Spa Hotel in Åre, Sweden, was opened, first holiday flats in Hiekkaniemi, Katinkulta

The English real estate investment company London & Regional Properties became the new majority owner

The Finnish Spa hotel business was sold to the S Group

Varma, Suomen Teollisuussijoitus, a group of private investors and the acting management became the new owners of the corporation

Rise to become the largest timeshare operator in Europe, holiday homes at new resorts: Saimaa, Naantali Residence, Ruka Village and Pyhä Holy Suites. The Salla hotel became Holiday Club Salla 

The Saimaa spa hotel project was started, a new product ‘Villas holiday homes’ was launched

Five holiday home sites were purchased in the Canary Islands, the spa hotels of Kuusamo, Saariselkä, Katinkulta and Tampere were bought back from S Group 

Saimaa golf course was opened, Angry Birds activity parks in Saariselkä, Saimaa and Gran Canaria 

Indian Mahindra Holidays&Resorts bought 23% of the company, new holiday flats in Katinkulta, Saimaa and Kuusamo
Mahindra increased its shareholdings to 90%, other owners included Fennia and the management. Caribia in Turku was bought back from S Group

Iiro Rossi became Managing Director when Vesa Tengman retired

Villas flats completed in Caribia/Turku, Himos, Kuusamo, Salla, Saariselkä and Åre 

Extensive renovations completed in Kuusamon Tropiikki and Saariselkä

Maisa Romanainen became Managing Director, Villas flats in Vierumäki, Caribia in Turku, Katinkulta, Saariselkä and Kuusamo


History of Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä

Commercial councellor Arthur Sommer was the father of the renowned Lapinniemi cotton yarn manufactory built in 1899. In the early years yarn and fabric were produced, and at best more than 1200 people worked in the factory. The yarn manufactory merged with Tampella in 1934, and the production was further sold to Finlayson and buildings to construction companies in 1984. The renovation of Kehräämö to a spa hotel began in 1987.

122 holiday apartments, meeting rooms and spa hotel were built into the old factory. The Lapinniemen Kylpylä spa opened its doors 2.7.1990 and the apartments were presented on a housing fair the same summer. The spa hotel of that time held a restaurant, small hotel, treatment department and spa. In 2002 a separate hotel building with 92 hotel rooms was completed.

History of Holiday Club Caribia

In the mid-1970s, the Ikituuri congress centre and hotel, more internationally known as Congress Center Turku, were built next to the Student Village in the Nummi district of Turku. After ten years of operation, due to financial difficulties, the hotel came to be owned by the City of Turku. The city rented the premises to the Rantasipi hotel chain.

In December 1997, the City of Turku decided, on the basis of a tender procedure, to sell the under-utilised, worn-out and old-fashioned Ikituuri property, which was in desperate need of renovation costing tens of millions of Finnish marks.

The buyers were family business owners Heikki Salmela, Rauno Puolimatka, Ari Salmivuori, Benito Casagrande and Dennis Rafkin. A new company, Turku Ausade Hotelli Oy, was established for the hotel project.

The entire hotel property was renovated in a Caribbean style.

A new multifunctional arena for ball games, conferences and events was built within the hotel.  At the same time, Finland’s first theme spa was built there. The project was completed in spring 1999.

The hotel was named Caribia, and became a modern congress hotel, which met international requirements and hosted several ministerial meetings and summits related to Finland’s EU presidency.

The Caribbean theme was retained and the hotel was thoroughly furnished in a colonial style in the rooms, restaurants and other common areas. The hotel’s specialities included, for example, genuine palm trees brought from the shores of Mediterranean Spain, the Ara parrot Aleksi, which greeted customers in the lobby, and the largest seawater aquarium in Finland with a volume of about 3,000 litres. The positive tourist image of Turku was strengthened by the complex built in the spirit of the Caribbean, the theme spa popular among families with children and Alvar Gullichsen’s winsome Posankka sculpture.

The spa and congress hotel Caribia passed from private ownership to Holiday Club Resorts Oy in 2003. The spa hotel operated under Holiday Club for a few years until it became part of the Sokos Hotels chain in 2006. Another sale was announced on 1 October 2015, when Caribia was returned to the ownership of Holiday Club.

In 2016, Caribia was thoroughly renovated by Holiday Club. The building underwent complete reconstruction; for example, the hotel rooms were renovated and new restaurant and service concepts were introduced at the resort. In addition, new high-quality Holiday Club Villas apartments were also built at Caribia.

History of Holiday Club Saimaa

Holiday Club Saimaa is situated in an area with long traditions in hotel and boarding house services. The first hotel and spa centre, Rauha pensionaat for turister, was established in 1894 by property manager Gustav Alm. The Russian doctor Dimitry Gabrilovitsch purchased Rauha in 1912 to convert it into a sanatorium, which would provide a variety of services from various bath treatments to galvanic and bright light therapies. The clinic was quite forward-thinking in its time, as evidenced by the range of dietary and vegetarian foods served there. Visitors came from Russia, Poland, Romania, Prussia and America to enjoy the high-quality services – among them princes and barons with their families, along with numerous businessmen. 

The Rauha spa building burned down in 1923, after which the area was sold to the hospital district of Viipuri. The construction of a new hospital began in 1925, and the building was inaugurated on 22 November 1926. The hospital building was designed by Finnish architects. During World War II, the building served as a military hospital, and between 1946 and 1954 it housed a maternity hospital. The Rauha hospital was permanently closed in 2000. 

Now, the tradition of hotel and spa services that began over a century ago has finally returned with a diverse range of services.

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